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Live dates


nov 15   solo at AKKS Oslo 40 year anniversary/closed event
            Blå, Oslo NO

nov 16   with Lars Ove Fossheim, Amalie Dahl, Nicolas Leirtrø
            Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo NO

dec 17   Trondheim Improvisers Guild
            Rosendal Teater, Trondheim NO 

Silver Light
silver light dig cover_rev1.jpg
Listen HERE

"She has made one of the strongest records that has come from a Norwegian vocalist in several years"

Jan Granlie/Salt Peanuts*

"She tells us stories - as those who really have something to report can - that make us sharpen our senses and the receiving apparatus greatly."

Tor Hammerø - Nettavisen

golden cover_high res.jpg
GOLDEN videoes


Listen HERE

“They say that not everything that glitters is gold but this is definetly the real deal.” -


"Garli is behind one of the most ambitious releases this year.".» - Now’s The Time/Jazznytt


"Substance in every little phrase and every note..” - Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen


“Maria Norseth Garli's language is saturated and the music is expressive” - Lira musikmagasin (SE)


“With a bunch of extremely talented fellow musicians and supporters, she has made a record that is extremely audible and beautiful, and that rises above most that comes out of such music these days.” - Jan Granlie, salt-peanuts*

Music videos



MARIA NORSETH GARLI is a musician, composer and concert organizer resident in Trondheim, Norway. In 2012 Maria completed her bachelor degree in performing arts from the University of Gothenburg, and in spring 2020 she attained her MA at the famous "jazzlinja" at NTNU in Trondheim. The main focus of her musical works lies in the freely improvised, how ever she knows no genre limitations.

Maria has performed at several of the most prestigious venues and festivals around Europe, and was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award in 2016 together with the critically acclaimed ensemble Song Circus. Back home she is the founder and main driving force behind UPOP, a concert series for improvised and alternative music.

Photo: Juliane Schütz


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